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Copyright Terms and Conditions


When sharing or otherwise using content from this site, you are solely responsible and liable for ensuring you comply with New Zealand Copyright Law, Privacy policy and Terms or use. 

Sharing and using Creative Commons licensed Items

  • Some individual photographs, documents and other materials published on this site are published under Creative Commons licenses, also known as CC licenses. This material may be freely saved, shared and built upon, but you must follow the specifications of the license. These are clearly displayed beside the item in the section labeled Copyright. Read more about Creative Commons licences 

Sharing and using items with no known copyright restrictions

  • Some photographs, documents and other materials published on this site are out of the New Zealand copyright period, sometimes referred to as being in the public domain. These items are clearly marked as being free of known copyright restrictions and may be shared, distributed, remixed, adapted, and built upon for any purpose in keeping with the laws of New Zealand. When sharing these items online, on social media, or in any other format, credit the Tasman Heritage website and include the acknowledgement statement when one is provided.

Sharing and using items with all rights reserved

  • Excluding items published under a creative commons license, or with no known copyright restrictions, no material from this site may be used or shared in any manner without the written approval of Tasman District Libraries, except for the purposes of private study, research, review or education, as allowed for under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.  

Sharing and using items for financial gain (commercial use)

  • No material from this site may be reproduced or shared in any way for commercial purposes, or used in commercial publications without the written approval of Tasman District Libraries, except for the purposes of private study, research, review or education, as allowed for under the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.To apply to use material from this site for commercial purposes, please contact us

Copyright when sharing your items 

  • Please think carefully before uploading any images, documents, comments or other content to this site. You are solely responsible and liable for ensuring you comply with New Zealand Copyright LawContact us if you do not fully understand, or have any questions, concerning copyright in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Please read the Digital Heritage Donation Policy for more information about copyright, privacy laws and other legislation that may apply. 


Sensitive and cultural content 

This site contains sensitive information and content that may offend, including nudity, and adult themes such as suicide, violence, or abuse. A sensitivity statement or additional context may be provided to warn readers of challenging content, however discretion or adult guidance is advised.

  • The site recognises and acts in accordance with its principles and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi and The Local Government Act 2002. If you believe the site is not acting in accordance with our obligations please whakapā mai contact us
  • There are eight iwi who are tangata whenua in Te Tau Ihu, and Tasman also covers the northern-western part of the Ngāi Tahu takiwā. There is no single account of the history of the region. Unless stated otherwise, content related to traditional knowledge or the Māori history of Tasman is the point of view of the individual who has created the content. It does not represent the views of a specific iwi, hapu or Māori in general. 
  • Some content on this site is provided for personal research and private study only, it can not be downloaded or shared, this is to ensure culturally appropriate use of the material.  Other materials may be restricted on a case-by-case basis and an individual password may be required to access this content. If you are given a password for restricted content do not share this password or the restricted content with others.
  • This site does not publish images of human remains or kōiwi
  • Content reflects the language and social attitudes of the time it was created and some may be regarded as inappropriate or racist today. Where possible, these items are identified with a sensitivity statement or additional context.  


Complaints and feedback

  • We endeavour to remove any content from this site that does not comply with Aotearoa New Zealand's copyright laws, privacy laws, or other legislation. If you believe we have infringed copyright, or you believe another person is using copyrighted material from this site without permission please contact us.
  • The library will respond to any complaints with 3 working days.
  • The library reserves the right to make final decisions concerning content on the site. 


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