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Crowd at the lake side Easter 1930Tying tobacco, Drummonds, 1957Flooded front yard of a house Queen Street RichmondNelson Post office and men in two motorcarsSnow in the main street of Wakefield, 1921Hessian quilt piece embroidered with the word Netflix and a big N in a yellow borderShirley, Colleen and Margaret 1956Men with logs being floated from Moturoa / Rabbit Island to Māpua Golden Bay Hockey Team 1916Hessian quilt piece embroidered with the word bubble within a border, with two bubblesNature from the hills river in Golden Bay / MohuaRiwaka landscape 1932Unknown woman reading at Laurel BankBoat moored at Horseshoe Bend Haven RoadFlood at Perseverance Bridge looking westHop pickers lunch, c1952Kemp's Packing Shed, MahanaPourangahau / Mount Robert covered in snow 1931Gertie Sutton and Edith, 1930sBottle display in the pharmacy windowLogs for export to Japan at Port Nelson452 Lower Queen StreetMary VerryLine of vehicles at Port Nelson Dedication of the Selwyn Mission launch by Bishop SadlierBusch's slip after the Murchison EarthquakeHomeBook quarantine at Richmond Library 2020The Gables, Spring GroveBest Bros. of Richmond, later model fleet of trucksJoshua and Elizabeth Ellen Newport  and dog Early coach or charabanc on Queen StreetBrightwater School, trees being cut up, 1970sBuildings in Edward Street Wakefield 1990Palmer residence, 1930sThe grave stones of Susannah and Frederick SilcockSmoke rises above Moturoa / Rabbit Island on 6 February 2019The Dutch TulipsSpring Grove School GalaBlue fabric quilt piece with the word family embroidered and a buttonDamage to a road due to the Murchison EarthquakeMaking a haystackRiwaka flooding 1976Ladies on motorcycle in the hop vines, 195236 Champion RoadHui Te RangioraGertie Sutton and lamb, 1930sRowing on lake Rotoiti, c1931Two people on the jetty at Lake Rotoiti Ethne and Dennis in a boat at Kaiteriteri

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